2016 Festival Faculty
Apply for a 2016 workshop today. Visit our Faculty & Featured Poets page for details. To learn more about the festival week and how to participate in a workshop at the festival, visit the Workshops ... Read more >
Workshops are limited to 12 qualified participants and three auditors to provide a meaningful level of discussion, and careful, informed attention to your work. You may apply online to attend a workshop as a participant. ... Read more >
“What is a poem but a hazardous attempt at self-understanding? It is the deepest part of autobiography.”[R.P. Warren] Autobiography is the narrative of life’s experiences and narrative is the beginnings, middles and ends. So skipping ... Read more >
The Palm Beach Poetry Festival is pleased to announce it will partner with three very special organizations, Cave Canem, CantoMundo and Kundiman, to offer three fellowships for the upcoming 12th Annual Palm Beach Poetry Festival, ... Read more >
A poet of great eloquence, clarity, and force, whose work is rooted in the landscapes of his native Northern California andbrings the kind of energy in his poetry to his work as an essayist, translator, ... Read more >
The Palm Beach Poetry Festival invites all Palm Beach County High School Students to send in one original poem. The winner will receive $100 and a pair of tickets to the Coffee House Performance event, ... Read more >
An Archive of Festival Readings, Talks, and Interviews is now available on our Youtube Channel. And you can see inside the festival in some special short videos on the playlists. Recordings of events from our ... Read more >
Additional focus on your work is available in individual one-hour conferences on up to 10 pages of poetry. Conference Faculty: Sally Bliumis-Dunn, Nickole Brown, and Ginger Murchison. Applicants may request a conference with their application. ... Read more >
For those coming in from out of town, please note that January is the height of the vacation season in Delray Beach. We suggest you reserve a hotel room and car as soon as possible. ... Read more >