To Delight, To Instruct, And To Wound With Robert Wrigley

FacWeb-WrigleyThere are poems that do one of these things. There are others that do two. It may be that the best do all three. But what is the source of a poem’s delight? How does a poem instruct without becoming overly pedantic or didactic? And how does a poem leave us so happily wounded? This is a workshop that means to be both generative, resulting in new poems, and reactive, confronting and commenting on existing ones. We’ll discuss the terms “delight,” “instruct,” and “wound”; we’ll talk about models that do one or more of these things; and we’ll work to do the same. We’ll write (and share what we write) in class, and we’ll write away from class. Bring writing materials and two poems you want or need response to, with 17 copies for the entire class. Bring good humor, generosity, and rigor.