Writing Poems That Don’t Fit With Daisy Fried

FriedDaisy2The best poetry often doesn’t fit into any stylistic mode, and uses what techniques it needs as it finds them. In this workshop, we’ll discuss your existing poems with supportive frankness. You’ll also generate new work which you’ll submit to daily “kamikaze” revision techniques, and read relevant work by modern and contemporary poets, as we consider—in magpie spirit, embracing confusion as a way to work towards clarity—strategic, formal and thematic questions designed to provide focus but leave choices up to you. In workshopping at least four of your poems over the week (any combination of existing and new; bring four with you to the Festival), with the goal of helping you fail wonderfully to fit in,  the most important revision questions will be: “Who are you? Who do you want to be? What do you want your poems to be?”