The Pleasures Of Revising With Eduardo C. Corral

This workshop will focus on the revision process. We’ll discuss various revision strategies that will help us tighten our poems, but also explore revision as a process that allows us to imagine other possibilities for our work. That’s the true work of revision: to make visible the most interesting and challenging shadows cast by the work. On the first day, we’ll discuss the three pleasures (linguistic, emotional, intellectual) found in literary text. These three pleasures are often employed as a reading strategy, but participants will examine how they can also help us revise and reimagine our work. The workshop will be critique-based; each participant will have work discussed at least four times. At the end of each workshop, I’ll give a writing prompt to help you generate new work during the conference. Two weeks before the conference begins, each participant will email the 4 poems they intend to workshop to all the participants. This will give everyone time to read and to annotate the work. I’ll email reading materials and a workshop schedule before our first meeting.