Poetry As Practice Of Awareness With Nickole Brown & Jessica Jacobs

If we are all telling the same stories of love, sex, and death, how can we sidestep cliché? With a trifecta of close readings of contemporary poems, practical lessons designed to deepen your understanding of craft (and how you can put those tips to real use), and a multitude of generative exercises to get you writing in and out of class, you will refresh your senses through a deep practice of awareness in order to see—and write—anew. These two workshop leaders—with complementary but unique approaches to entering and revising poems—make for a dynamic, challenging intensive that welcomes those willing to take chances, play, and push their work. Intended for writers of all levels, this course will strengthen your poems by helping them sing with the texture of the well-observed world. Participants will bring 2 poems and will have the option of workshopping those or new poems.

Save the dates! January 20-25, 2020 in Delray Beach. Complete details coming soon!