The Masks We Want: Persona & Poetry & Possibility With Adrian Matejka

The word persona comes from the Latin term for mask. A number of American poets—Ai, Rita Dove, Andrew Hudgins, Tyehimba Jess, Natasha Trethewey, and Kevin Young—have adopted linguistic masks to create new and complicated narratives. This workshop will consider the possibilities and implications of contemporary persona poetry and what it takes to render the poetic mask in a textured and considerate way. How do we negotiate those spaces that aren’t from our experience? What kinds of opportunities and permissions does writing in persona offer us? How can we write in persona with ethical and creative clarity? Participants will write new monologues based on prompts each day in an effort to create a fully realized persona by the end of the week. Persona projects in progress may be used to begin generating monologues.

Save the dates! January 20-25, 2020 in Delray Beach.