Sound, Syntax, Stanza, Magic, Nuts And Bolts With Beth Ann Fennelly

This intensive, interactive workshop will combine craft classes with generative prompts, in-class writing, and workshopping. Our goal will be to leave our time together with four new drafts, one of which will be workshopped, and four poems written prior to the festival being brought to the table. Day 1: Four Ways Poets Can Use Sound to Make Meaning; Assignment: Sound Poem, Workshop. Day 2: Syntax and Diction. Assignment: Syntax Poem, Workshop. Day 3: The Line, the Stanza, the Page. Assignment:, Kinesology Poem, Workshop. Day 4: The Magic of Metaphor, Assignment: Metaphor Poem, Workshop. Day 5: Nuts and Bolts. Workshop and Discussion of Revision, Publication, and What Comes Next. Workshop draft of poem generated from a class writing prompt.