Thursday, January 13th, 2022 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Virtual Craft Talk

Lipstick on the Canon: Addonizio and Seuss on the Sonnet

Kim Addonizio and Diane Seuss will turn their attention to modern and contemporary practitioners of the sonnet in order to consider how the sonnet specifically, and traditional forms generally, can be adopted, adapted, and upended for the poet’s own provocative purposes. What counts, in contemporary practice, as a sonnet? How might the sonnet’s historical, canonical presence hold us up as we embark on our riskiest excursions? For whom is formal practice also transgressive rebellion, and how can we court transgression in our own work? Addonizio and Seuss will speak to their own work with the form, what subjects it allowed them to approach, and why, after all these years, they just can’t quit it.

Q & A, facilitated by Festival Staff, and virtual book signings in Murder On The Beach, our Festival Virtual Bookstore, will follow this collaborative craft talk.