2020 High School Poetry Contest 1st Place Winner



1st Place: Alissa Xiao

Senior, Dreyfoos School of the Arts






Garden of Eden

the honey girls with milk skin

with names that taste like melted sugar

like to laugh loudly

sweet plum blossoms grow between their lips

their bodies are gardens

rain fresh orchids and moonlit lilies

butterfly smiles and goldfish mirth

they whisper into my ears

with apricot lips and glucose grins

they watch me in the mirror and sigh

fingertips trailing up and down my spine

like undulating snakes

they say they are too sweet for me

and pinch my skin like bread dough

they want to tear at flesh to see silver bone

ribcages and jawlines and hipbones

they wish i was pretty like them

blonde and blue-eyed and beautiful

the honey girls like to laugh loudly

like vultures

and i am left staring at the remains


According to Final Judge, Dr. Jeff Morgan of Lynn University, Xiao’s poem is “loaded with sensory detailing; the delectable imagery is a feast for the eyes and ears.”