FISH TALES Fifth Place: “First Catch” by Shenu Kathymoon

Inspired by: Samuel Ogren, Sr., Father of Delray Beach Architecture, fishing with family

FIRST CATCH by Shenu Kathymoon

We hauled the Pompano in,

the blue-tinted silver glistening

as we held its fin.

Uncle took a picture of us while listening

to eighties radio stations—he danced.

We popped the fish on the grill, sizzling

as we watched and relaxed.

Our first game;

“It’s not about being fast.

Just take it easy!” Uncle exclaimed.

He became my fishing hero,

the picture of the two of us framed

by where the sunlight hit the window.

And after all these years, it’s still under my pillow.

Shenu Kathymoon is a Creative Writer attending Miami Arts Charter. She has been writing since the age of 10 and has been published in numerous works and literary magazines such as Rattle Young Poets Anthology, Creative Communications, and Scholastics. She was born in Sri Lanka and moved to Miami and has developed a voice for different cultures.