Naming The Nameless With Brenda Shaughnessy

FacWeb-ShaughnessyMost of life’s experiences transcend or defy explanation, yet it is often precisely that which is confounding, mysterious, elusive, or fleeting we feel called (or pulled) to write about.  “Poetry exists to give name to the nameless.” (Audre Lorde.) A poem functions as a work of art that translates the ineffable into language—heightened or familiar—that comes as close as possible to lived experience.  We’ll explore key poetic forms and techniques that utilize memory, personal history, grief, celebration, desire, trauma, and sensation as valuable tools by which to powerfully render unwieldy human experience in language. Brief readings will be assigned; short craft lessons and discussion are followed by intensive workshop of participants’ poems. Participants will bring three poems, 17 copies each, for which input is desired, to the first workshop meeting.