Voice & Vision With Phillis Levin
Photo by Sigrid Estrada

What gives texture, momentum, and character to a poem? Together we focus on drafting and revising new work while exploring key elements of the craft: dynamics of lineation, the power of syntax, realms of the stanza, the drama of rhetorical form. We consider each poem as an ecosystem and critique all work in that light. Most of class time is spent discussing your own poems, forces at play within: rhythm, diction, image, figure, tone. We begin each day’s workshop by reading several touchstone poems whose strategies, when internalized, spur stylistic development and open unforeseen ways of sounding/shaping/re-envisioning what you compose.

Poems will be reviewed in advance: 3-4 typed poems (up to five pages total, with no more than one poem per page) should be submitted via mail by December 15, 2017.