UPCOMING EVENTS - Winter - Spring 2015
In addition to the annual festival in January, Palm Beach Poetry Festival partners with other nonprofit organizations and schools to bring poetry into the lives of Palm Beach County residents year-round.

The Palm Beach Poetry Festival’s “Plein Air Poetry Contest” seeks
original poems of up to 30 lines inspired by the “En Plein Air” Exhibit
running through March 8, 2015 at the Cornell Museum of Art in Delray Beach. Visit our Facebook page Plein Air Poetry Album to see the images! For guidelines, see: http://palmbeachpoetryfestival.org/pleinaircontest.

The contest is open for submissions January 21-March 8, 2015.


One Day Workshops at Delray Beach Center for the Arts are held at 12:30 pm. Be sure to bring a sweater. The cost is $10 for these workshops.

To RSVP for any of these poetic events, contact Dr. Blaise Allen, the Poetry Festival’s Director of Community Outreach, at DrBlaiseAllen@aol.com, or sign up for our e-blast list.


Tuesday, February 24, 2015
6:30 pm

Hagen Ranch Road Library
14350 Hagen Ranch Road, Delray Beach, FL

The Palm Beach Poetry Festival in collaboration with the Astronomical Society of the Palm Beaches would like to invite you to an over the moon poetry reading! While observing of the moon and stars, we will be reading solar poetry round robin. Everyone is invited to bring up to four single page poems on the subject of poetry of the solar system. The poems can be your own work, or your favorites of others relating to the night sky. We will read as many poems as time permits. While a poet is reading, other poets can view the night sky through the telescopes provided by the Astronomical Society in the Hagan Ranch Road Library Parking lot. We will provide LED flashlights to read your poems. This event will be held outside, if it is raining, or the sky heavy with clouds, we will reschedule the event at another time next year. We will start the event at sunset.

The Astronomical Society is  composed of a group of individuals dedicated to the pursuit of observational astronomy and to the education of the general public on astronomy. Their monthly meetings include informative presentations given on varied topics. Past presentations have included: astrophotography, the constellations, deep-sky astronomy, eclipses, telescope making and use, the history and mythology of astronomy, and many others! During the observation sessions, members bring and use a wide variety of equipment...from binoculars and small refractors to 20-inch reflectors.

Feel free to bring a snack, bottle of water, and a folding chair for your comfort.
This event is open to the public and free of charge.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

"Poetry of the Spirit" with Beth SK Morris 
This will be a 3-E workshop: Ecumenical, Egalitarian, and Eclectic. We will look at how spirituality is expressed by a wide range of poets from differing spiritual perspectives, including five former Featured poets and workshop facilitators at PBPF. Participants will have ample opportunity to generate their own spiritual poems in the course of the workshop. 
Beth SK Morris is a seven-year participant at PBPF. Her latest collection, Nowhere to be Found was published by Bridle Path Press in 2014. Beth is also a member of the Hudson Valley Writers Center in Sleepy Hollow, NY, one of six poets selected to present her 9-11 poems at the Center's "Writers on War and Peace" event this past November. Beth has received numerous awards from the Poetry Society of Virginia and the Writers Network of South Florida among others. Her work has appeared in Poetica, Avocet, the PEN, and Lingerpost, in addition to anthologies by White Oak Press and Poets of the Palm Beaches.

Tuesday, April 4, 2015
Workshop with Visiting Poet, John Casquarelli
12:30 pm
Delray Beach Center for the Arts

     "The last time I saw you a cloud had passed in front of the sun
     & all the sky in the deep space at 12th & 7th on a Sunday
     evening in October an airplane flying low as we walk
     into the oncoming night" -- Lewis Warsh (from "Consecutive Sentences")
In the 1960s, a group of poets that included John Ashbery, Frank O’Hara, and Barbara Guest took part in a form of writing known as the New York School. Their work was deeply influenced by both modernism and surrealism. The voice of the poems often utilized a kind of urban colloquialism and touched on topics such as consumerism, specific moments in time, sex, and art/theater/music/film.
A second generation of New York School poets, influenced heavily by their predecessors, came about later in the 60s and included writers such as Anne Waldman, Ted Berrigan, Lewis Warsh, and Ron Padgett. As the scene grew by the mid 60s, a union formed between the New York School and the Poetry Project at St. Mark’s Church in the East Village. Today, that merging is still seen and felt with every season’s schedule at the Poetry Project.
The New York School poetry workshop will include a discussion, listening to audio of New York School poets, reading, writing a New York School poem, and sharing work.
John Casquarelli is the author of two full-length collections, On Equilibrium of Song (Overpass Books 2011) and Lavender (Authorspress 2014). He is an English Instructor at CUNY Kingsborough. In addition to teaching, John serves as poetry editor for Otter Magazine (http://ottermagazine.com/). He was awarded the 2010 Esther Hyneman Award for Poetry. His publishing credits include work in several journals and anthologies such as Storm Cycle: Best of Kind of a Hurricane Press, Shadow of the Geode, Ginosko Literary Journal,Pyrokinection, New Poetry, Pulp, Brooklyn Paramount, and Mind[less] Muse. In 2015, the International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association (HETL) will include one of his poems in their anthology, Teaching as a Human Experience (Cambridge Scholars Publishing).

Thursday, April 9, 2015  
Dead Poets Society  with introduction by Paul Barber
Lynn University Film Series
7:00 p.m.

Thursday, April 30, 2015
Before Night Falls intro by Dr. Jeff Morgan
7:00 p.m.
Saturday, May 2, 2015
Workshop: Humorous Poetry:  Classic and Current with Sarah Brown Weitzman
Delray Beach Center for the Arts

From the insult poetry of Catullus to contemporary poets like Billy Collins, humorous poetry has been enjoyed for thousands of years.  A survey of the best of the canon of humorous poetry will be presented.  Participants will receive copies of all the poems and will be encouraged to take part in the discussion of what makes a poem funny and how its effect was achieved.
A Pushcart nominee, Sarah Brown Weitzman has been widely published in hundreds of journals and anthologies including POET & CRITIC, ART TIMES, THE NORTH AMERICAN REVIEW,  RATTLE, MID-AMERICAN REVIEW, EKPHRASIS, ABRAXAS, THE WINDLESS ORCHARD, POET LORE, POTOMAC REVIEW, POEM, etc.  Sarah received a Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts.  A departure from poetry, her fourth book, HERMAN AND THE ICE WITCH, is a children’s novel published by Main Street Rag.
May 13, 2015
Bards of a Feather
12:30 pm
Green Cay Wetlands Community Room,
Green Cay Preserve Nature Center
12800 Hagan Ranch Road, Boynton Beach, FL 33437
June 13, 2015
Workshop TBA
12:30 pm
Delray Beach Center for Arts
June 3, 2015
Alzheimer’s Poetry Project
Sunrise Assisted Living Facility
July 2, 2015
Bards of a Feather
12:30 pm
Green Cay Wetlands Community Room,
Green Cay Preserve Nature Center
12800 Hagan Ranch Road, Boynton Beach, FL 33437
August Hiatus
Sept 26, 2015
5th Annual 100k Poets for Change
4:00 PM
Bottega Wine Bar
Oct 7, 2015
Bards of a Feather
12:30 pm
Green Cay Wetlands Community Room,
Green Cay Preserve Nature Center
12800 Hagan Ranch Road, Boynton Beach, FL 33437

Oct 17, 2015
Cara Nusinov workshop TBA
12:30 PM
Delray Beach Center for the Arts

Nov 14, 2015
Song Writers workshop:
12:30 pm
Crest Theatre, Delray Beach
Musicians Max Markwell, Bill Hartman, Stephen Minotti, Maggie Baugh, Shawn Mallon, Aymber Daniel, Laura Sue Nightengale, Robert Bidney, Cassidy Diana, Kristen Spencer, Eric Muniz, Rich Guastella
Dec. 5, 2015
Visiting Poet, Chris Schwenberg, CA
Delray Beach Center for the Arts,
January 7, 2016
2016 Morikami Haiku U -

10:30 am

Jan 13, 2016
Bards of a Feather
12:30 pm
Green Cay Wetlands Community Room,
Green Cay Preserve Nature Center
12800 Hagan Ranch Road, Boynton Beach, FL 33437